The various Akan families are the root of all Akans. On migration the people were living together as one Abusua or family.  The family or Abusua is matrilineal and each Akan belongs to one of them.  Every Akan whose mother is an Akan belongs to one of these Abusua, and it is along these lines that inheritance is determined with regard to Akan stools or family properties.On creating a stool, if not stated that the stool is for the children of the first occupant, the inheritance is automatically matrilineal.  When Otumfuo Opoku Ware ll created the Nkosuo Stool of Kumase, he categorically said it was for the first occupant and his children and so the inheritance is patrilineal or Nton.  According oral tradition it is believed that the families Asona, Ekuona and Aduana are the oldest among the Akan families.