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​That it is only the Omanhene of Edweso who does not make an appointment with Asantehene through a linguist but rather through the Nsumakwaahene? It is part of the privileges Nana Diko Pim l was made to enjoy after his sacrifice during the Denkyira War. That it was Nana Opoku Ware l who created the Ananta Stool as his personal battalion under his command to protect the Asantehenes against possible coup by the commander of the main Asante Army? Please note that the commander of the main army were Mamponhene/Bantamahene. Ananta was the name of a sophisticated weapon used by the soldiers of that battalion. That when the Denkyiras were ruling over Kumase and its allies the King of Denkyira Nana Boa Amponsem requested a royal of Kumase to come and serve at his court, it was Nana Osei Tutu, then a young man, who was sent? According to oral tradition, Nana Osei Tutu impregnated Ako Abenaa Bansua, the sister of Nana Boa Amponsem. According to some historians, Ako Abenaa Bansua’s son from Nana Osei Tutu was Ntim Gyakari who later became the king of Denkyira. That when Nana Osei Tutu was returning from Akwamu to become the king of Kumase, Akwamuhene Nana Ansah Sasraku gave him 300 men of Akwamu to guard him and accompany him to Kumase. These men were all given to Asafohene and they became citizens of Asafo and subsequently the Asafohene’s title became Akwamuhene? That it was Dwabenhene Nana Akwasi Boateng and Kontanasehene Nana Antwi Panin who fought to recapture the Golden Stool when it was captured for the first time by the enemies at the battle of Akatamanso? In their effort to recapture the Golden Stool, Nana Antwi Panin, the Kontanasehene, received thirty nine bullet wounds but he survived the ordeal and so that earned him and his subsequent successors the title “Ogyeaboo”, one who receives bullets. That during the reign of Asantehene Nana Osei Kwame Asibe Bonsu (1800-1824) the Asante Kingdom covered an area bigger than the present day Ghana? That Asante was not created as a matter of tribe but rather as a matter of necessity, to form a formidable force to fight Denkyira, hence “Osa-nti” meaning because of War. The original word was Osa-Nti-fo. hat Asantes bestowed one of the highest accolades on two tribes who in their various ways had assisted them during different wars? That is the reason why apart from Asante Kotoko, there is Anwaa Kotoko for the Dagombas and Nzema Kotoko for the people of Nzema. Since then there is a cordial relationship between the Asantes and those two tribes. Subject: Asantes..did youknow.....? Author: Ossei-Akoto (registered user) Date:   08-06-2003 08:05


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