​​​​Nana Owoahene Owusu Acheampong, Asantefuohene of the Washington Metro Area, and Mr. Yaw Anokye Danso, President, on behalf of the Asanteman Association of the Washington, DC Metro Area, welcome  you to to the website of Asanteman Association. 

The  association is a non-profit organization founded to bring together members of the Asante ethnic group of Ghana residing in the Washington, DC Metro Area and others interested in Asante culture and traditions, and have interest in social networking and supporting each other and to assist in the social and economic development of the Asante Region of Ghana.  Among some of the goals of Asanteman Association is to contribute funds and equipment to schools and hospitals in Ghana and also make monetary contributions to worthy causes in the United States.  ​

                                                      GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

The Asanteman Association of the Washington, DC Metro Area is a democratic, non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization, with the following goals and objectives :

*  Unite Asantes in Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.
*  Promote the social, moral, educational and the general welfare of its members.
*  Provide a source of cultural enrichment, and promote interest, inform and educate the general community about Asante culture.
*  To instill and inculcate in the youth the love and pride of Asante cultural heritage.
*  Provide social networking and support for the members.
*  Organize periodic workshops to educate members on pertinent issues, such as Asante culture and traditions, legal, immigration, health, employment, insurance and investments.
*  Project good image of Asantes in the Washington, DC Metro Area.
*  Support Asanteman development efforts by motivating and educating members to financially support educational, health and other social programs in Asanteman.
*  Develop linkages to and networking with other African ethnic groups and participating in inter-cultural exchange programs.
*  Assist the needy financially and in kind.
*  Contribute to the development of the Washington, DC Metro Area community by performing voluntary services.

                                                            GOVERNING BODY

The governing body consists of :

1)  An Executive Council, headed by the President, is the policy making body and is responsible for the general administration of the Association.

2)  An Advisory Council, headed by the Asantefuohene (Chief) as the Chairman, has the role of advising on the progress and smooth administration of the Association and projecting Asante culture and tr






Mr. Yaw Anokye Danso


Nana Owusu Acheampong