<< SIKA DWA Forum


1. This platform was created for Asantes( and friends of the Kingdom)all over the world to share views on Asante culture, history, traditions and contemporary society.

2. The platform shall be called SIKA DWA( Golden Stool) in acknowledgment of the significance of the Golden Stool as the unifier of Asantes and the soul of their nation.

3. Membership of the platform, however, is restricted to individuals who share in the core aims undergirding the creation of the platform, and whose conduct on the platform would not impede the smooth exchange of ideas and facts on this platform

4. The core aims of the platform is to promote and defend Asante customs and traditions and history. Unflinching loyalty to , and absolute respect for the Occupant of The Golden Stool is also part of the platform’s core principles.

5. The platform is not to be used for the sharing of videos, messages, posts etc that are outside the platform’s core aims and principles.

6. Members are allowed to advertise their needs and works and businesses on the platform.

7. The platform is not an extension of any political party and thus may not be used to promote any political party or personality at the expense of some others. The platform may tolerate discussions on individual politicians whose politics inure to the benefit of Asanteman. Members may call for a cessation of such discussions where they are deemed unhelpful to the core aims of the platform. 

8. The platform may not be used to defend people whose politics CLEARLY demean and hurt Asanteman.

9. The administrators are empowered to evict from the platform members whose behaviours are deemed to injure the atmosphere of decorous communication on the platform.

10. Continued membership of the platform rests on the implicit promise to respect all forumers and to not use rude language in the course of debates here. 

11. The platform may not be used for discussions that are denigrating of other ethnic groups.